Friday, July 15, 2005

Leader or Manager

Ian Brooks makes the following statement in his book, The Yellow Brick Road.

The main difference between a manager and a leader is that leaders have vision. Moreover, they care passionately about the vision, they talk constantly about that vision and they have sense of urgency in making the vision happen. And good leaders convince people of their sincerity by acting on their words.


Roger said...

HI Ron! Nice website and good thoughts!

The problem I've found with most institutional church leaders is that it is usually "their" vision, not God's, and that individuals are sacrificed for the sake of the vision. If God is doing something different in your life that doesn't correspond with the vision you are a threat to the leader...

Ron McK said...

I agree, Roger.

Ian Brooks is talking about a business situation. Business owners can impose their vision on their business, because they own it. Entrepreneurs are often quite visionary.

In a church, all the members should own the vision. Otherwise, they become slaves to the pastors vision and that soon gets very frustrating.

Part of the problem is that most pastors are not visionary, so they have to borrow their vision from another church that is going well. If more prophets were released within the church, we would have better vision.