Saturday, October 08, 2005

Oath of Allegiance (20)

Every judge must swear an oath of allegiance to God, before taking office. This would ensure that only those who are willing to obey God will become judges.

Most political leaders are required to declare an oath when they enter office. In the United States, political leaders swear that they will defend the constitution. In New Zealand, politicians declare an oath of allegiance to the Queen. The Israelites swore an oath that they would serve God and obey his laws (Deut 27,28).

Oaths are important aspect of God’s covenant. Our response to God’s covenant offer is agreement to serve him and accept the consequence of any disobedience. An oath of allegiance to God is not just a declaration that we will serve God. It speaks of acceptance of his blessings and a willingness to accept the consequences of disobedience. An oath calls down God’s positive and negative sanctions.

Oaths of allegiance to the people, a constitution or a sovereign are unbiblical, as only God cannot demand our total allegiance. They should be replaced by an oath of allegiance to God. A nation that adopts this practice is declaring that it will only be judged by men and women who have chosen to serve God and live under his covenant.

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