Thursday, January 11, 2007

Evil Systems (2)

Sometimes evil is translated into the legal system. This is what I think most Christians are referring to when they talk about systemic evil. Evil laws can take various forms. Government may provide protection for corporations to rob the poorer people in society. Tariffs may be used to prevent some people from trading. Governments can perpetrate evil in a variety of ways.

Nevertheless, all evil laws and regulations are put in place by individuals. If the law has been imposed by a king, he is responsible. If the law was passed by a parliament, each of those who voted for it is accountable. If the unjust law was passed in the past, then the current parliamentarians are equally responsible, because they have not changed it. Those who choose to benefit from the evil law are also accountable to God.

Wherever an evil system is in operation, there are people who have put it in place, people who refuse to change it, and people who choose to benefit from its. Often there will be groups of people working together. Ranting about an evil system is pointless. We must track responsibility back to those who established and those who maintain the evil system.

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