Sunday, January 13, 2008

Boyd on Government

Although Greg Boyd was on his sick bed, he had some cogent thoughts on the role of government. He says that government is controlled by Satan and his rebellious principalities and powers.

All top-down forms of government -- which means, pretty much all governments -- are evil....

Unfortunately, the elite and powerful benefit from the present hierarchical political and economic systems and the masses have been brainwashed to believe that they need to be ruled. The masses fear freedom, which is why they surrender autonomy over to alleged superiors. (In totalitarian regimes, people surrender autonomy by allowing the regime to go on. In democracies, they surrender it with a vote -- .... a means by which a government gives citizens the illusion that they're empowered).


Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that even house-churches can operate pretty much the same way, for the same reasons?

I expect governments to be full of the spirit of the world. I do not expect it to remain masked in the Church, however.

Ron McK said...

There is a difference. A house church is a voluntary organisation, so if a person feels that they are being controlled by it, they can simply leave. It is not easy to leave a nation, if you are being over-controlled by a top-down government.

woodicus said...

I'm not entirely sure if I agree with Boyd...I don't fear freedom, and haven't surrendered autonomy - I've just never had a choice about it!

Re above comments, I understand that HC's are voluntary organizations; but the/a true Church of God shouldn't be so easy to 'leave', and in fact would be a tragedy for anybody to do so.