Monday, February 11, 2008

Future Human Government (1) - Ultimate Human Government

Many Christians are expected a world government to emerge. The name they give to this dictator is the Antichrist. Looking for an antichrist is a mistake, because the word antichrist is never used in the Book of Revelation. The title is only used in the epistle of John to describe people who deny Jesus has come in the flesh, and he says that the antichrist had already come in his time (1 Jn 2:18-22).

Revelation does not refer to an antichrist, but it does describe the same beast that Daniel saw in his dream. Christians everywhere are searching for this beast. They sift through Revelation looking for clues and trying to work out the meaning of 666. However, they are looking for the wrong Beast, so despite all the searching, the Beast has arrived and no one has noticed. The beast represents restored democracy.

Democracy is the ultimate human government because it consists of an entire society refusing to accept God’s government. In a country ruled by a king or an emperor, only one man is rejecting God. God brought King Nebuchadnezzar from his throne, because he had exalted above God. Daniel and the other people in Babylon were not affected by this judgment.

Democracy comes into being when everyone in society rejects the government of God. This is the ultimate human government. The Beast of Revelation is the pinnacle of state power and the epitome of human government.

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Steve Scott said...

Ron, I ordered lunch at a deli one day with a friend. My total came up while I was fishing through my wallet for a bill so I didn't see it yet. The people in line behind me suddenly stopped talking and I could sense them taking a collective step backward from me. The clerk suggested that he could add an item to the total. Only then did I look up and realize that my total was $6.66 US. I politely declined. A number of people could find the anti-christ in my lunch total and were obviously superstitious about it.