Friday, July 04, 2008

Blind Prophets

The United States started well, but with a tendency toward violence. God has given America much blessing, but it is now sloping towards being the Beast of Revelation. I do not expect ordinary Americans to understand this, but I hoped a few of its prophets would. But they are silent.

I have searched the prophetic lists and websites for an American prophetic voice that sees clearly what is happening, but all I find is the following:

  • Prophecies that God is going to provide a new E fuel, so that Americans can continue to drive your SUVS to the convenience store in comfort.
  • Prophecies that God is going to transfer wealth to the American church (the richest church that has ever existed).
  • Nationalistic cheerleading and flag waving.
  • An Amen chorus for past and present American military adventures.
I see plenty of Zedekiahs, but no Micaiahs (1 Kings 22). I see plenty of Hananiahs, but no Jeremiahs.

Most American prophets love their nation much too to be able to see clearly. Very sad.

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KM said...

I've mentioned the Adventists before, I believe. Part of their end-time vision based on Revelation 13 is that America, which started out lamb-like, will begin to speak like a dragon and will become more coercive than accommodating. The expected trajectory is the crushing of civil and religious liberties under the threat of economic sanctions. It's a staple of their Revelation seminars, but I haven't kept up with how hard/soft they've been presenting it in recent times. Given your current interests, you may find the scenario worth exploring.

Peace, bro.