Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tens and Hundreds (10) - Structure of Society

The world need structures to prevent the strong and wicked bullies from seizing power and trampling over the weak and vulnerable. The powerful must be prevented from prospering at the expense of the weak.

Most Christians expect the state to provide this protection, but that hope has been illusory. At best, the state has distracted onto side issues neglects the weak and the poor. At worst the state becomes powerful and aggressive and plunders those who need its protection.

Libertarians suggest that protection could be provided by entrepreneurial businesses and insurance companies. Businesses can provide defence, and protection services for local communities, but if business is the only source of these things, there is nothing to stop businesses from dominating people and morphing into a pseudo state.

In Moses day, justice, defence, welfare and education were mostly managed in the local community by the Ten. Tens provide protection and defence and protection their members, without dominating or controlling them.

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