Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Holy Spirit and the Scriptures (4) - Tough Task

The Holy Spirit had a few problems getting the scriptures written. He could whisper thoughts in the author’s ears, but he could not force them to write exactly what he wanted. So he sometimes had to have a second go, just to get everything that he wanted in. That is why we have the book of Deuteronomy. Much of it already written in Exodus, but Moses missed a few important things. So the Holy Spirit got him to write down the law again many years later, after he put those missing ideas and concepts into Moses mind.

If the Holy Spirit had been able to control Mark, we would probably have just one gospel. But Mark missed out some important parts of Jesus teaching, so the Holy Spirit got Luke and Matthew and John to have a go. Between them they got down everything that the Holy Spirit wanted in the gospel.

The theology stuff was really hard to get right. Paul did really well with Romans and got a lost of stuff tied down. However, he had to write quite a few more letters before he had recorded all the technical stuff that the Holy Spirit wanted in the scriptures.

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