Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Preparation is Urgent

We have allowed evil into our economy and society, and when it turns against us, we will be powerless against it.

  • Evil is lurking and will strike when the time is right and opportunity comes.

  • The economy will nearly go “belly up”. Order might be restored, at the last minute. Many will be seriously hurt, whether they bail out or jump.

  • The crisis will bring a serious fuel shortage. Some fuel will be available, but supplies will be stop-start.

  • The crisis will cause food shortages. Some people will have plenty, others will have none. Some hard working people will face long delays without food. They will become angry and may get violent.

  • Most Christians are totally unprepared for the next crisis. Many are travelling on in isolation, totally unaware that a huge disaster is going to cut into their path. Most will survive, but they will be distressed and shaken.

  • Christian pride and complacency will be exposed.

  • Christians must learn to live more simply. The smaller option will often be the best.

  • Some Christians will be betrayed. People that they have risked their lives to help will turn against them and take advantage of their generosity.

  • There will be no quick fixes for this crisis. We will be stuck in the mess for quite a while. The disaster might last longer than the good times that went before.

  • When we get through the crisis, we will have progressed much further towards the kingdom than most people expected.

Preparation is urgent. There is no time for mucking around, trying to get things perfect. Getting prepared is more important than getting things exactly right.

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