Sunday, November 14, 2010

Secular Capitalism

I have just posted an article at Kingdom Watcher called Secular Capitalism. I explain how free market capitalism has been incredibly successful at solving the production problem and creating a prosperous society. Its serious weakness is that it leads to the accumulation of wealth by a few. Without the tempering effect of Christian faith and practice, it produces a distorted society that will eventually be torn apart.


Anonymous said...

Have you read much by Gary North?

I am sure you would find it very interesting.

The other essays he links to from there are interesting too.

Phil Hayward
Lower Hutt

Ron McK said...

I am familiar with Gary North
I posted a series on him in December 2007. Click on the archive for December 2007 and you can find it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, I have now read that very interesting series of extracts and comments.

While I am one of those Gary North would criticise for believing that Christ's Kingdom on earth will be established by divine power following Christ's second coming, I do not think that weakens my responsibility to testify to men, especially governments, about God's rights over men.

Man's wickedness was exposed at the Cross, and it will be exposed again to the extent that the testimony of the Holy Spirit through believers has been rejected by men, at the point when Christ returns and annuls the man of sin. But the responsibility of "the Church" to have been a more powerful testimony than it has, is not diminished thereby, and we must never cease to be humble about this.

I think Gary North writes a lot of helpful scripture analysis regardless of whether you believe what he does about establishing Christ's Kingdom on earth prior to His return, or what I do about the believer's responsibility and man's wickedness (man's wickedness not relieving the believer of responsibility). We should witness to men and governments about the Divine standard regardless.

It was helpful of you to emphasize Gary North's point about his not advocating a Christian version of the Taleban - this is the kind of slur that routinely gets applied by the devil's agents to Christians who do testify regarding God's law, including Gary North himself.

I think the Christians who ignore Gary North, ignore all of the more "fundamentalist" writers anyway regardless of whether they are pre or post Millenialists. J.N. Darby, for example. It is God's law itself that the "liberal Christians" are despising, not so much Gary North's application of it to a pre-millenial Kingdom. The same people would despise J. N. Darby just as much.

Phil Hayward
Lower Hutt

Ron McK said...

Hey Phil
Are you an economist? What is your church involvement in Lower Hutt?