Wednesday, December 29, 2010

War of Terror

The greater terror in the world today is not experienced in America, but in the villages of Afghanistan and Pakistan, who live much of their day under the shadow of Predator Drones, lazily circling in the sky. These people never know when the controllers in Arizona will stop sipping coke and press a button to launch the missile to destroy their village and their lives, because someone with a grudge has dobbed them into American intelligence.

The War on Terror has become a War of Terror.


Gene said...

I couldn't disagree with you more. Drones save soldiers lives. War is about breaking things and sometimes people are killed when things are broken. This can stop when we demonstrate to the Taliban in Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan that there is no hiding place and coming to the table (without a hidden bomb) to end this horror. Have you considered what the outcome of this will be if the USA and allies just pull up stakes? Give me your best guess.

Ron McK said...

We know what's best. Kiss the empire's feet, or we will terrorize you. What a lovely gospel!!

Gene, you have watched too many Westerns. The answer to every problem is to get out the six shooters.

Your are right about one thing. War breaks things. It destroys societies. This war has broken another country. Afghanistan was a tribal socciety. The war has broken down the traditonal social structures and empowered warlords and rapists (Americans seem to have a knack for picking nasty people as their lackeys). You cannot just destroy the social structures of a community and replace it with democracy in a box.

The empire has empowered formed one tribal group into a massive army to dominate the others (standard American practice). This will inevitably create further conflict.

So of course it will be a mess, if America leaves. But is will be just as big a mess, if you stay. The empires armies have created another an insoluable mess. Well done.

The only good thing is that it solves America's unemployment problem. I guess it is worth it for that.