Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Gods OT Strategy (30) - Jesus

God sent Jesus to earth when everything on earth was ready.

  • People like Anna and Simeon were praying for the Messiah. This gave God authority to send his son.

  • Mary and Joseph were ready to be his parents.

  • The Roman Empire was ruling most of the earth. The ultimate empire was in place ready to be destroyed by the advance of the Kingdom of God.

  • Roman law had produced a relative peace in Israel. This allowed Jesus to move around freely.

  • Israel was divided into three provinces with the Romans ruling Judea directly through a procurator. The sons of Herod ruled the other two provinces. This allowed Jesus to operate below the Roman radar, by undertaking most of his ministry in the region of Galilee. He could move across the Jordan, whenever he needs a place of safety.

  • Messianic expectation was at a high level. People were longing for the peace and justice of God.

  • The Jewish establishment controlled the temple in Jerusalem. They were ready for confrontation with Jesus.

  • John the Baptist was getting ready to announce the Messiah.

  • Peter was being toughened up, ready for when he would get the church going in Jerusalem.

  • Paul was being trained up ready for when he would take the gospel to the gentiles and write his letters.

  • John was ready to begin a journey that would end with him writing the book of Revelation when he had completed his ministry. This prophetic work would give God authority to act long into the future.

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