Thursday, June 28, 2012

Multicultural Society

Modern media, the internet and migration are causing peoples and ideas to spread rapidly. Cultures are becoming increasingly diverse. Multicultural society is the modern reality left to its natural course.

Unfortunately, a society needs a common culture to be strong and resilient. A multicultural society will eventually tear itself apart, as different cultural groups struggle for dominance of their culture. We can see the beginnings of these struggles in the battle over School Prayer in the US, wearing the burqua in France, and Bible in Schools in NZ.

A multicultural society can only survive, if a powerful group can impose order upon it, and the rest of society agrees to go along. For the Christendom period, the church took this role. It imposed uniformity of thought and culture throughout Western Europe. The secular state has now taken over this role of imposing uniformity on society. Whereas the church imposed a religious culture, the state applies a liberal secular culture.

The state will eventually fail in this role, as the pressure of multiculturalism is to strong. Society will break down into numerous small communities each different from the rest, but with a common culture. The trend in the world is away from a large amorphous uniform society towards diversity. The state cannot hold back this tide.

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