Thursday, July 12, 2012

Moving Day

Thursday was moving day. We loaded up a couple of trailer loads of plants and stuff from the garage and took it over to the new house in the morning.

Just after midday, the lawyers phoned and said that the legal transfer was complete, so we could pick up the keys for our new home. Half and hour later the truck came to load up our stuff. We had spent the previous two weeks packing things in boxes and stacking them in the garage. Here is the truck up the drive of our old house.

These two guys stacked the truck.

The real heavy lifting was done by Les, Sam and Curtis who carried all the furniture out of the uready to be loaded. They also carried most of the boxes out of the garage to the truck.

By 4.30pm, the carrier was finished. All the furniture was in the house and all the boxes were stacked in the garage, ready to be unpacked. The next few days would be spent unpacking boxes and storing stuff away.

Here is a photo of our home.

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