Thursday, August 23, 2012

Healing: Insights for Christian Elders

After a lot of time spent editing, coding and checking, I have just published a new book called “Healing: Insights for Christian Elders. This book is quite challenging, so I am not expecting huge demand. Most of the church is probably not ready for it yet.

However, I am equally certain that the time will come when the church will be ready for it. I am getting it out there now while I have time, because when the church is ready for it, I will probably be to busy to be fiddling with Kindle formats and book layouts.

The front matter of the book has the following warning.

This book is for the future, so the Holy Spirit may not yet have prepared you to receive the message that it contains. If the approach disturbs you, please lay the book aside and wait until the time is right.
On the other hand, if you want to understand God’s best method for evangelism and weapon against evil, you should read this book.

Paperback and Kindle versions are now available on Amazon.

I will have a cheaper option for New Zealand readers sometime in September.

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