Friday, June 07, 2013

House Demolition

The insurance company has finally demolished the house that we lived in four five years. The foundation and land was badly damaged by the earthquake, so it could not be repaired.

We just happened to drive by last night and the excavator was sitting on the section next to it. By 10am this morning the house was down and the rubble was being loaded on a truck. They are now breaking up the concrete foundation to remove it, too. It is exactly a year today since we found the house we are now living in.

The house in front and behind are waiting to be demolished too.

This is how it looked when the contractors were finished. The government now owns the land.


Gene said...

I bet it was hard watching this

Blessed Economist said...

Thanks Gene.
It feels sad. But because the Lord has blessed us so much in the past year, and our new house feels like home, we are able to look forward and not back.