Monday, August 05, 2013

Directed Evolution

Many Christians have accepted the scientific view of human origins. One approach adopted is Directed Evolution. It assumes that God intervened in an evolution process to bring about his plans. These interventions are not detectable by scientific methods.

This approach gets things the wrong way round, as it ignores the intervention of the spiritual forces of wickedness in the world. God did not intervene in the evolutionary process. He created a good world. Following the fall, the forces of evil intervened to mess it up. Their intervention is not detectable by scientific methods. The scriptures do not have a complete record of what they did, just hints. The consequence is that the scientific method can investigate the world to determine how it operates now (it cannot understand evil) but it cannot determine how it existed or functioned prior to the massive discontinuities caused by the spiritual intervention into the world at the time of the fall.

Christians should be modest too. We do not no know how God created the earth, whether he built it up layer by layer, or whether he did it in instant. We cannot look the earth for evidence to support particular views of creation either.

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