Saturday, March 08, 2014

Dangerous Prophets

Judging from the internet, the United States probably has more Christian prophets than any nation in history.

  • Most of these prophets want a strong president. They slate President Obama for being weak. They admire Putin’s toughness and decisiveness.

  • Many of these prophets think that the United States should control events in Eastern Europe, and other parts of the world. (This seems to be empire thinking).

I wonder how they would respond if the Beast of Revelation emerges in their midst.

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Anonymous said...

Most American Christians have become unable to think outside the categories supplied by the two political parties. Obama certainly promotes an alarming, militantly anti-Christian, antinomian agenda in the US, but most Christians respond to him--and to everything else--with whatever ideology or policy preference is offered by the political groups in opposition to him. Over the last thirty-five or forty years, American Christians have increasingly looked at life through political rather than scriptural lenses, and have rewritten the nation's history to try to make these two the same. It is ironic indeed that the attempt to fight secularism has actually led to the unwitting secularization of "Christian" thought in the US. A few more years of Obama and his ilk, and Christians in America will be so powerless that they might be able to hear the Word of God again.