Saturday, July 12, 2014

Broken Windows

Did you hear about the man whose neighbor’s children threw stones through his windows, breaking the glass? They had been throwing stones on the roof of his house for some time, so this was the last straw. The man grabbed the rifle that his Uncle Pat had given him and went next door and shot the parents of the stone-throwing children. The children escaped to the home of another neighbor before he could shoot them.

The man was so angry that he pumped the neighbor’s house full of lead, killing the parents, their three children, and the children they were sheltering. Even a stray dog scavenging in the rubbish bin was wounded.

The news media described the situation as spiraling violence.

The police said they were investigating.

The judge said that the man was entitled to defend his home from attackers.

When Uncle Pat heard abut the shooting, he was delighted.

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