Thursday, August 28, 2014

Unrighteous Wealth (11) Church

In the last century, millions of people in the western world have come to faith. This should have resulted in a massive continuous jubilee, as the new Christians gave away their unrighteous wealth, but that never happened. The consequences are serious.

  • The poor have been robbed of blessing.
  • The gospel has been hindered.
  • Wealth has been stored up for judgment (maybe this is the reason for the current grumpy economic growth).
The jubilee of giving has not occurred because the church has taught the false doctrine of tithing to the church and ignored Jesus teaching about giving away unrighteous wealth. The church has taught Christians that if they tithe on the income from their unrighteous wealth, it does not need to be given away. Share your unrighteous gains with us, and you will be okay. What a handy teaching. I do not know of any church that has taught that unrighteous wealth must be given away. Jesus teaching has been ignored.

The consequence is that the church has robbed the poor. The church has gained a tenth of the income from unrighteous wealth, and the poor have got nothing. Not quite what Jesus had in mind. I think it means that a significant proportion of the property of the church is unrighteous wealth.

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