Friday, September 26, 2014

Islamic State (4) Assyrian Spirit

Evil spirits are not very clever, so they tend to do things I the same way. That is another reason why history often repeats. Therefore, the parallels between the Assyrian empire and the Islamic State are significant.

  1. The Assyria Empire’s first major conquest was Babylon. The Islamic State made its first gains in the same area.

  2. The Islamic State is now based in the city of Mosul. Assyria was based in Nineveh, which was just across the Tigris River.

  3. Assyria was controlled by a violent and warring spirit. So is the Islamic State.

  4. The Islamic State controls significant chunks of Syria and Iraq. This same territory was the heart of the Assyrian empire.

  5. The Assyrian armies filled people with fear (Is 8:12). The Islamic State is filling people all over the world with fear.

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