Friday, January 02, 2015

Graeme Cooke Word for New Zealand

When Graeme Cooke spoke at a conference in Auckland last month, he brought a word from the Lord for New Zealand. Every Christian who is serious about what God is doing in New Zealand should set aside 30 minutes and listen to it. You can find it at this link.

Graeme Cooke’s message had four main themes.

  1. God is establishing his kingdom in New Zealand.
    The Kingdom (will) emerge in this country, strong, powerful. And it will be a prototype for nations across the earth. And many will come to this nation to see what God is doing. There is a new level rising in this country. It’s called the Kingdom. And all and every church will bow to the requirements of the Kingdom in this country.
  2. This is a season of transformation and purification.
    There is a time set aside for this nation, which is now. And these are days when the Lord is beautifying the church in this country. Days of purification. Days when the hand of the Lord is going to be heavy upon us for transformation.
  3. God is sending a storm on New Zealand to sweep away everything that is not of God everything that is not seeking his spirit.
    I see a storm coming into this nation. A storm that will sweep away a religious spirit. A storm that will sweep through the body of Christ in this nation. And the Lord says that churches … some will be swept away by that storm. And others will find themselves standing on a rock that is the Christ. And the Lord is saying He will send a storm on this nation and He will sweep away that which does not own His name, that which does not pursue His Spirit He will sweep away. But this storm also will cause us to be swept along in a whole new time of power and anointing unprecedented in this country’s history.
    There is a riddle in the word, because he does not explain the nature of the storm. I presume it is has already been announced in the prophecies referred to below.

  4. We are in a season of acceleration and prophecy that have been spoken over the nation during the last fifty years will be fulfilled soon. He urged God’s pattern to be students of prophecy.
    This is the day of dreams becoming true. This is the day of vision being realised. This is the day of prophecy long spoken over this nation coming to fulfilment. So the Father says there is already a word and words in this nation’s history that are soon to come to pass in this nation’s immediate future. And you shall see in the next 12 months prophetic words spoken decades ago coming to fruition. So the Father says He’s calling His bride, He’s calling His body to be students of the prophetic. Go back over your own words as an individual. Take out your own prophetic words and hold them up before the Lord because the Lord is saying “This is the time of fulfilment. This is the time of vision being realised, and dreams being fulfilled, and prophetic words long spoken coming to pass, that you may stand in your nation in this day and say "This is that which was spoken. This is that. This is that."
    Christians should bring out the words that the Lord has spoken, held them up, repeat the promises and invite the Holy Spirit to fulfil them. This important. God has given authority over the earth to people. He can only fulfil his prophecy and promise for New Zealand, if people invite the Holy Spirit to do what he wants to do.

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Lazarusty said...

The next 12 months? Why do they put a date on such things? This was over 3 years ago, still hasn't happened. Not doubting the contents of the prophecy in general but when a time is pout on it, it undermines the credibility of the whole thing.