Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Covenant (6) Exposed

When Adam and Eve sinned, everything changed.

First of all they realised they were naked.

Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked (Gen 3:7).
Saying their eyes were opened was really an understatement. The reality was that their ability to see into spiritual realms was lost. Before sinning, they could see God and his angels moving in the spiritual realms, and they could hear what they were saying. Once they sinned, that ability was lost and they could only see and hear things in the physical world. This made the physical world seem vivid by comparison to how it had been. (One reason that Satan had entered the snake was to remain visible to them once they had lost their spiritual vision).

Adam and Eve realised they were naked. However, they were not just naked. They were exposed, and their spiritual exposure was more serious than their physical exposure. By listening to Satan and following his suggestion, they placed themselves under his authority. He is a cheat, so once he gains authority, he uses it to impose control. God have given humans authority over the earth. Once humans had given Satan authority in their lives, he seized authority over the earth and he refused to give it back. They were now living in a world where the powers of evil were active, and because they had lost their spiritual vision, they could not see them at work. This was a dangerous place to be.

God had warned Adam and Eve against any contact with the powers of evil, because he knew that any engagement with them would result in their losing authority on earth. Any attempt to know both good and evil would result in surrender of authority to evil. This is why God warned them to avoid all efforts to know both good and evil. This was not a command that had to be fulfilled to please God. It was a warning against actions that would allow them to be robbed of authority on earth by the powers of evil.

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