Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Prophetic Ministry

Prophets can minister at different levels.

1. People
Some prophets specialise in speaking to individual people. Personal prophecy provides:

  • guidance
  • correction
2. Church
Other prophets speak primarily to their church. Prophets provide a church with:
  • guidance
  • vision
  • warnings
Loren Cunningham said that pastors are like wet cement. They are very accepting and draw everything together. He said that prophets are like reinforcing steel. They give the concrete strength by keeping it pure. A strong building needs both cement and steel.

3. The Nations
Some Christians will be called to be a prophet to their nation. They may also develop the ability to speak to other nations. A prophet to a nation provides:

  • advice to rulers
  • interpretation of God’s law
  • warning of judgement
(Prophetic Ministry, p.63).

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