Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Wrath (2)

Like all the spiritual powers of evil, the spirit called "Wrath" was created by God, but rebelled against God at the beginning of human history. (His chraracter was different when he was created, so he had a different name back then). Because God created him, he is still called God’s wrath. I guess that God knew when he created the angels and gave them freedom that they could go wrong, but he decided to do create them anyway. God does not disown his creation. He does not avoid responsibility for what he has done. They are still his, although they have rebelled against him.

Despite their rebellion, God still uses the spiritual powers of evil, despite themselves, to accomplish his purposes. He has frequently incited the spirit called Wrath to do things that he needs done, particularly when restraining political powers that are doing harm to the earth. That is why the scriptures often describe him as God’s Wrath.

Reading the scriptures with an understanding that Wrath is not an aspect of God’s character, but an wicked spirit controlling an army of spiritual powers gives a very different perspective. I will just give some examples in the next few posts.

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