Friday, May 06, 2016

Clown or Knave

Well, it seems like America has a choice between a clown and a knave.

It would be wiser to choose a clown, as he would expose the futility of a combining multiplicity of states and expecting one man to lead it. No human could can the expectations that are put on the American president.

If the clown is elected,
He will have a great and triumphant inauguration,
because he is skilled at entertainment
but he will struggle to put together a skilled cabinet/administration.
the leaders of congress will mock him and refuse to cooperate with his plans.
and create a terrible fuss
He will not be able to go to war.
The leaders of other nations will laugh at him,
He will be unable to fulfil his plans
and it will seem like the country is run by impotent clowns.
But strangely enough,
life will better than it was before him.

If the nation chooses the knave
she will put together a competent administration
but she will react to an external threat
by starting a war that will cripple the nation
An internal threat will allow her to seize extensive powers
that will set the nation on a dangerous path.


August said...

He does not want to go to war. Sadly, military action is likely the easiest thing for a president to do- even an outsider.

But I do agree he is going to have one huge struggle trying to get the politicians to play ball with him. When Jesse Venture became governor of Minnesota (I think), the politicians just stonewalled him for four years.

But the small, interesting thing here, is that Trump is from ruling class. The politicians will start cooperating if the people who pay their bills call them up and tell them to. Additionally, we will start to see some politicians who are at the margins of the existing order- they will begin to realize there's a different set of issues that they can present to the people, and they will get elected.

But your Knave stanza fits- no only Hillary, but everybody Trump just beat.

Paul Mitchener said...

There has been some interesting commentary comparing the conditions that facilitated rise of the Nazi party in Weimar Germany to the current state of life for many in the US. While I doubt Trump is a Hitler he is addressing many of the same concerns of people in 1930s Germany: 1) economic uncertainty; 2) loss of confidence in the democratic process and the political leadership; 3) the call of strident nationalism (make America great again!). Clinton is business as usual and will operate from the ruling elites perspective - this is why working class America mistrust her.
Either way (Clinton or Trump) if America turns inward the world will become increasingly unstable and the resulting vacuum will invite big challenges - e.g. how could the UN win credibility and be able to take effective action? How will Putin's agenda play out? What will China do?
Plenty for us Christians to pray about and to get into Kingdom of God perspective!