Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Prince Same Old Principalities

A new prince sits on the American throne.

Unfortunately, the election has not removed the spiritual principalities and powers that have shaped and controlled the United States for many decades. They are still in place and stronger than ever.

An election does not change the spiritual power; it just changes the people that the spiritual powers control. This is why things usually carry on the same when a new president or party is elected to power. The same spiritual powers are in control, so nothing changes.

So, although Obama wanted to be a man of peace, he could not escape the influence of the spirits of war and violence, and ended up fighting five and a half wars.

Likewise, Donald Trump, whatever his intentions, will find himself fighting pointless and destructive wars.

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Vincenzo said...

Regardless of one's personal feelings about Trump, there is something different about this election. Trump has openly challenged and stood against a corrupt political and media establishment and prevailed. Even the media, which the devil has used overtime, has been confounded and made to look foolish. Their predictions have been proven wrong....again. Their credibility is in shambles.

However, it's not really about Trump. God is doing something in this election cycle. No, the evil principalities are not yet dethroned, but they have suffered a blow and are furious. The unprecedented level of hatred and venom directed at Trump by the establishment and the riots that occurred during the inauguration is a manifestation of that fury. Hillary would have manifested their will most easily. They lost. Trump has a strong personality and is fearless and would be harder for them to influence. You also fail to mention the prayers of the saints that have been going up during this whole time. They do have an impact.

That being said, his time in office and the condition of his heart will depend on how the church responds in prayer. And he will need our prayers to govern, but also to remain sensitive to God's voice. To simply say he will succumb like the others is short sighted and abdicating to the enemy.