Friday, March 17, 2017

MIC (4) Mode of Operation

The MIC spirit operates in several different directions. (MIC is Manipulation and Intimidation for Control).

1. Leaders

The leader of the organisation or church can be deceived into using manipulation and control to get their vision fulfilled.  When they face opposition, they slip into intimidation to overcome it.  A leader can use their spiritual authority to intimidate people into following their guidance.  For example, they might warn the person that they will lose their “covering” if they reject their leader’s advice.  Usually it will be more subtle.

The leader’s vision is good, so they believe that the end justifies the means.  They get to build something for God, but he does not realise that he has unwittingly allowed the Jezebel spirit into the foundation of his work.  It will keep popping out to harm it.

Leaders will often get their way by sending subtle messages to the people opposing their vision.  These messages will often be delivered by loyal supporters.  For example, when a person is troublesome, the leader might say the right words to the right people, to ensure they are side-lined.  Or they can make sure that they do not knowing what is going on.

All leaders in Christchurch should look at themselves and ask if their control of people is opening the doors for the MIC spirit.  If it has been part of their life for a long time, they might not be able to see it and will need to ask a wise person who can see more clearly.  That person will not be a wise friend who only sees good in them.  It will more likely be that pesky wise person on the fringe who is often a nuisance, because they always ask annoying questions.

2. Loyal Supporters

The leader will have loyal supporters who back him.  They may see the manipulation and control, but will turn a blind eye to support the cause.  They will sometimes be able to dampen down the worst effects of the spirit of control and tone down the intimidation.

Obadiah was in charge of Ahab and Jezebel’s palace.  He managed to hide a hundred prophets in two caves.  Yet he still had to do Jezebel’s dirty work, and hunt down Elijah when he had prophesied the drought (1 Kings 18:3-5).

This is the dilemma faced by a close support of a leader under the influence of the MIC spirit.  They will often have to choose between loyalty to their leader and doing the right thing.

3. Members

The members of the organisation or church have to submit to their leader.  They must support the leader’s vision, or move out.  However, they do not get to flourish in their ministry.

There were a hundred prophets in the land in Ahab and Jezebel’s Israel.  However, they had to hide in caves.  Israel was in tumult so it needed prophets, but they were not effective, because they were shut away in caves. 

In an organisation or church where the MIC spirit has control, the gifts and ministries of many members will be stifled.  If they are used, they will be distorted to support the leader’s vision.  Many will be frustrated and feel like they are shut up in a cave.

4. Opposition

People who oppose the MIC spirit will be attacked.  These attacks can often be quite ruthless.  Elijah had to cross the Jordan and go into the dessert and hide, because Ahab and Jezebel were trying to kill him. People who oppose the MIC spirit will often find themselves shunted into the wilderness.

Jezebel stirred up scoundrels to speak lies against Naboth when he refused to hand his vineyard over to Ahab.  They accused him of hating God and the King.  The MIC spirit will often use gossip and lies against those who oppose the leader it controls.

5. Prophets

Wise prophets can expose the MIC spirit, but they should expect intense opposition.  When Jehoshaphat and Ahab got together to war against the king of Aram, the court prophets urged them on.  When Jehoshaphat asked for a real prophet, Ahab said there was one called Micaiah but he always prophesied bad things.

Miciah said that he saw a spirit of deception agreeing to manipulate Ahab into war.  Micaiah’s words were fulfilled and recorded permanently when Ahab died.  An arrow shot at random hit his back where he had no protection and killed him.  He was actually slain by the manipulation and control of the MIC spirit that led him into the wrong battle. 

Micaiah opposed the MIC spirit, but ended up in prison for his troubles.

Elisha intervened when Ahab and Jezebel’s son sent to Baal Zebub for help when he was sick.  He sent the messengers back with a message that he would die anyway (2 Kings 1:3-5).

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