Monday, November 13, 2017

Marrying a Prophetess

A correspondent in Africa asked me the follow question.

Can a prophet marry a prophetess?
What are the advantages and disadvantages.
Here is my answer.

I see no reason why a prophet cannot marry a prophetess.

There is one danger: that you get into a prophetic competition with each other, to see who has the most powerful ministry. It is really important that you love and care for your wife. Are you willing to lay down some of your ministry so that your wife's ministry may grow. If you are assuming that having a prophetess as your wife will build you ministry, you might have the wrong attitude. A prophetess might be better off married to a man who will cherish, guard and protect her ministry.

When to people marry in God, they become one. That means that a woman who marries a prophet, effectively becomes a prophetess, because she and her husband are one. She shares in his ministry. That means that a prophet does not need to marry a prophetess to get one.

God often puts together two people who complement each other. He often gives a prophet a wife with a gentle and merciful spirit. If he loves her, this will act as a restraint on the harshness that can sometimes corrupt a prophet beginning in their ministry. A prophet might be better with a wife, who tempers his ministry for good. Mercy triumphs over justice.

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