Saturday, December 23, 2017

Political Power

Political theology has many problems, but the biggest is that political power is used by the spiritual powers of evil to leverage their power to maintain control over nations and cities. Once a political leader submits to a political-spirit, it has authority over all the people in the city or nation that are submitted to the politician(s). By manipulating a single political leader, a government spirit or political spirit can control a city or nation.

Politics relies on coercion and force. The spiritual powers love coercion and force and are drawn to them. The Holy Spirit avoids them. So wherever, coercion and force are at work, the Holy Spirit is absent, and the spiritual powers of evil are all over them.

The spiritual powers of evil use various hooks to seduce political leaders. They use finance and debt to manipulate some politicians. They often use a love of power to control the political leader. Some are seduced by sexual power. Some get to enjoy controlling other people. Others are taken in by pride. Often the spiritual powers of evil use more than one of these hooks.

These hooks are techniques that the spiritual powers of evil power use to gain control of political leaders, but they are not the real problem. If we get focussed on any of them, we will miss the point. The underlying problem with political power is the politicians and rulers are manipulated by government-spirits and political-spirits.

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