Thursday, July 19, 2018

Salvation (4) Two Holds

Following the fall, humans had two big problems, because the spiritual powers of evil had two holds over us.

  • They had taken humans captive and demanded a ransom. They had gained control and demanded a ransom before setting them free.

  • They also use the law to demand the death penalty for anyone who sins.

Both problems had to be solved.
  • Dealing with the accusations of the accuser was not enough. If the ransom was not paid they could keep them captive.

  • Likewise, paying the ransom was not enough on its own, because they could still prosecute them and demand the death penalty.

Jesus dealt with both problems.
  • The blood he shed on the cross satisfied the demands of justice. The accuser prosecuting the case against humans lost his power, because the penalty that he demanded was already paid by Jesus. Those who trusted in Jesus were declared innocent.

  • Jesus death was the ransom that the spiritual powers of evil demanded. The death of the son of God was sufficient price earn the freedom of all humans. This was necessary, even once sin had been forgiven.

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