Thursday, September 13, 2018

Role of a Prophet to a Nation

A prophet to a nation should understand that Jesus came to establish the Government of God. A nation cannot have to kings. A nation cannot have to governments. So, as the kingdom of God expands in a nation, its human government must shrink and fade away.

A prophet to a nation will understand that human governments are not part of God’s ultimate plan for his people. The people of Israel wanted to have a king to be like the surrounding nations, but was not God’s plan (1 Sam 8). God gave into them as a concession to their sinfulness, but he wanted to be their king. He wanted them to trust him for protection.

These prophets will realise that that human political power is a serious obstacle to the Kingdom of God because it undermines God’s authority and offers a false salvation. They will understand that trust in human political power will have to be swept away before the Kingdom of God can come to fullness on earth.

Prophets to the nation will provide guidance to their government when asked, but they will understand that all governments are living on borrowed time. They will be watching for the time when their government will collapse and disappear. When the time is right, their prophetic words will release the power of the Holy Spirit to destroy human government and open the way for the emergence of God’s government. When a human government collapses, the principalities and powers that have amplified their power through it will be shattered. Once the spiritual forces that have dominated the nation are fragmented and weak, the gospel will go forth in the power of the Spirit.

When human governments stop functioning, a power vacuum will exist. Those who have trusted human government will be desperate for something different and better. With their human government crushed by events that it could not control, people will be welcome the Kingdom of God.
The prophets to the nation will understand the nature of the Government of God and be prepared to teach people how to receive it in their midst. They will teach people how to form Kingdom Communities that can provide welfare, justice and protection for people who have lost hope. Political power will be chopped up, pushed down and spread around to people who trust Jesus and walk in the Spirit.

Kingdom Communities will transform their neighbourhoods. As the structures of society fall apart, they will demonstrate a way of life that appeals to a shaken world. Each Kingdom community will provide everything that human governments have failed to deliver, but without Imposed Authority. They will be united by love and service under Free Authority.

In the Government of God, justice will be provided by local judges who emerge in their community to apply God’s law. Defence will be provided Temporary Military Leaders that arise within their community. Prophets will have a key rule in teaching judges how to apply God’s law.

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