Thursday, May 16, 2019

God is Good

The core of the gospel message is that God is good.

Many people find this hard to believe. Life often seems to be stacked against them. Judging by their life experiences, they assume that God (if he exists) is mean, nasty and capricious. They feel like God enjoys playing tricks on them and making life miserable.
Jesus came with the message that Good is good. He healed the sick and cast out evil spirits to prove it.

The bad stuff that happens to people results from bad choices. More often bad experiences are the result of the spiritual powers of evil being mean and nasty. The bad news is caused by the bad guys, not be God.

The good news is that Jesus can redeem our bad choices and turn them into good. The best news is that Jesus came to deliver people from the control of the spiritual powers of evil. He wants to set crushed and broken people free to truly experience God’s goodness.

This world was created by a God who is good. That is good news.

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