Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Terrible Beast

If the Terrible Beast described in Daniel and the book of Revelation were to emerge in this season, you would expect to see the following.

  • A nation that claims to be a force for good, while doing much evil. Most of its people would be deceived by this claim.

  • A nation that is the strongest military power that has ever existed. It would love using military power.

  • It would use military power to trample down nations that oppose it.

  • A nation that would claim to be a force for peace, but have been at war for most of its history.

  • A nation with the strongest and richest economy that the world has ever seen.

  • It will use economic power to control other nations.

  • It would pretend to support free enterprise, but would use its economic power to prevent companies and peoples who will not submit to its power from buying and selling.

  • This nation would be an amalgam of independent states kept together by military force after a civil war.

  • A nation that tracks its legal and political lineage back to Greece and the Rome.

As this nation enjoys bullying weaker nations, so you would expect a bully to gain control over it.

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