Saturday, July 27, 2019

Plight and Solution

God created the earth as a place to have fun with the people that he created in his image. That desire has never changed. God still wants to make the earth a garden where he can frolic with his people.

The problem that Jesus came to solve was not human sins, although they had caused many of the problems that he came to resolve.

  • The problem is not God’s anger.
  • The problem was that humans had given up their authority on earth to the powers of evil by submitting to them.
  • Their shift in allegiance had changed the authority situation on earth.
The fall was a shift in allegiance.
  • Adam and Eve shifted their allegiance from God to themselves.
  • The wanted to pick and choose who and they would obey. The wanted to obey God some of the time, other voices at other times. The serpent was able to speak to them, because they had already shifted allegiance in their minds, and were willing to listen to voices other than God.
  • Unfortunately, they were tricked by the devil. Allegiance to self usually become allegiance to the spiritual powers of evil, often without realising what has happened.
Jesus came to earth to resolve a twofold problem created when human withdrew their allegiance to God.
  • The spiritual powers of evil owned the earth. Earth was still a mess, not a garden.
  • The spiritual powers of evil owned the people on the earth. They have the right to poke, deceive and push them into doing evil.
Jesus came to earth to resolve these problems by,
  • Getting back authority over the earth.
  • Getting back the allegiance of the people living on the earth.
The good news is that we are rescued by allegiance (faith).

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