Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How Evil Spirits Operate (3) Government-spirits

Government-spirits are often called “principalities and powers”, but those names do not explain much, so I prefer to call them what they are. A government-spirit controls the leaders of a city or nation. It get controls by leading a group of spirits that work in the hearts and minds of the leaders. The spirits would include spirits of pride, control, love of power, anger, etc. These spirits submit to the government-spirit for the benefit of getting to manipulate a nation. This gives the government-spirit great power.

A government-spirit leads a gang of spirts and uses them to control the political leaders of a nation or city. They will use whatever will work with the particular leaders they are dealing with. Spirits encouraging pride, love of power, control, hatred, anger and deception will often be part of the gang.

When a government-spirit is spiritually defeated and loses power, it will keep on trying to be a government-spirit without any success, because it has lost his supporters, who made it powerful. It will mope around talking about its past glories, but totally confused about how it might get its power back. This forlorn spirit will become powerless and feeble.

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