Thursday, February 13, 2020

Socialism (4) Democratic or Autocratic

Another common confusion is that socialism always leads to authoritarian government. Many Christian believe that socialism is the first step toward a Nazi government.

Socialism is a system of economic organisation in which the government plays a very significant role. A socialist economic system can exist in a country with a democratic government. However, it can also exist under an authoritarian government. The Soviet Union is an example of latter. However, there are plenty of governments that operate a socialist economic system under a democratic government without falling into authoritarianism.

New Zealand has a very strong system of democracy. I would say it operates more effectively than the system that Americans are so proud of. Socialist policies have been implemented in New Zealand for many years, without any threat to democracy. Because democracy has delivered what people want, some socialist policies have actually strengthened democracy.

On the other hand, many of the governments in nations where the US has established its brand of capitalism turned out to be autocratic and dangerous. Chile is an example.

Socialism does not inevitably lead to an authoritarian/totalitarian government.

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