Friday, July 31, 2020

Coverstone Dreams (2)

In my previous post, I explained that two things are really important when sharing dreams.

  • They should write down the dream in full detail as soon as possible after they received it. It is very easy to forget important bits or add glosses to the dream, if the description is being written later.

  • The dream and its interpretation should be kept separate. This is important for testing the interpretation of the dream.

The second problem occurs with the dreams shared by Dana Coverstone. In places, Dana mixes his interpretation with the description of the dream. That makes it hard to test the interpretation because it is not clear what is the dream and what is interpretation.

For example, in the second dream, Dana said that he saw Russian and Chinese soldiers, but he does not explain how he knew that was what they were. Was there something about them that showed their nationality, or was that his interpretation. This makes a big difference to the meaning of the dream.

In reality, it would be impossible for Chinese and Russian troops to be in the United States, even if a civil war was going on. The UN could not get involved, because the United States has veto power at the UN to prevent it. This means that the interpretation of this part of the dream must be symbolic, not literal.

This part of the dream came just after Trump was described as missing. The message of the dream could be that when Trump loses the 2020 election, his followers will blame the Chinese for interfering in the election, in the same way as the democrats blamed the Russians for Hillary losing in 2016. This could be represented by the Russians telling the Chinese what to do.

In his dream Dana saw men in Washington, sitting around laughing and slapping each other’s backs. I see these as representing the spiritual powers of evil that dominate America and the Washington establishment that they control. They are will be happy, regardless of the outcome of the election, because they are in control, regardless of who is elected.

Dana assumes that the fulfilment of the dream will be literal. However, a more symbolic interpretation of the dream is plausible. However, this is hard to assess when some of the interpretation is mixed up with the dream.

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