Friday, December 18, 2020

Humility and Revival

I heard an American prophetic leader say that God needs a “strong America” to bring the billion-person harvest that they have been prophesying. This is not true. God could still accomplish his purposes even if America collapsed and disappeared.

We should remember that the greatest revival that has ever occurred in the world through history (many millions choosing to follow Jesus) took place in China:

  • under a communist government
  • without freedom to worship
  • without funding from American Christians
  • without the books of big-name evangelical leaders
  • without pastors trained in the popular bible colleges and seminaries.
  • without American missionaries
  • without the protection of the US military.
God does not need “his man” as political leader to bring revival. Having his people in political power might actually be an obstacle to revival.

God does not need a strong America. It would probably be an obstacle to his purposes.

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