Friday, April 15, 2005

Theocracy is Best

The best method of government is theocracy. Theocracy is the rule of God (theos kratos = god rule).

Theocracy is the same as the Kingdom of God. Kings rule over kingdoms. God is king of the Kingdom of God, so he rules in the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is the same as the rule of God. Christians believe in the Kingdom of God, so we should be supporters of theocracy and not democracy.

For the LORD is our judge,
the LORD is our lawgiver,
the LORD is our king;
it is he who will save us.
Isaiah 33:22
The rule of God is the best, because it is the only way to blessing. There are two legitimate ways to get theocracy. The easiest way is to have a constitution that requires all politicians to swear an oath of allegiance to God, before taking office. The alternative is for the church to preach the gospel to rulers and win them for the Lord.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Who is Boss

Ron Paul a United States Congressman made the following comment (see his full statement here).

Historically, religion always represented a threat to government because it competes for the loyalties of the people. In modern America, however, most religious institutions abandoned their independence long ago, and now serve as cheerleaders for state policies like social services, faith-based welfare, and military aggression in the name of democracy. Few American churches challenge state actions at all, provided their tax-exempt status is maintained. This is why Washington politicians ostensibly celebrate religion – it no longer threatens their supremacy. Government has co-opted religion and family as the primary organizing principle of our society. The federal government is boss, and everybody knows it.

Christians should wake up!

New Foundations

We are self-consciously attempting to lay new intellectual foundations for a comprehensive moral and therefore intellectual, social, political, and economic transformation of the world. Not until at least the preliminary steps in this theological and intellectual transformation are accomplished can we expect God to send worldwide revival. If the coming revival is not comprehensive in its effects, it will no more change the world permanently than earlier revivals have changed it permanently. The regeneration of people’s souls is only the first step on the road to comprehensive redemption….. We need a comprehensive revival that will produce comprehensive redemption.

We must understand from the beginning that the message of the kingdom of God rests on a concept of salvation which is supernaturally imparted, not political y imparted. The kingdom of God is categorically not a narrow political program of social transformation; it is rather a supernaturally imposed salvational program that inevitably produces world-changing political, social, legal, and economic effects.
The primary need, today as always, is the need for widespread personal repentance before God. We therefore need a Holy Spirit initiated Christian revival to extend the kingdom of God across the face of the earth.

from Gary North, Political Polytheism pp 610-611.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Oath of Allegiance

There are two ways that a theocracy can be established. The easiest way is for the church to preach the gospel to rulers and win them for the Lord. Christian pastors and prophets would then need to teach them how to serve God in their political role.

The other way is to have a constitution that requires all politicians to swear an oath of allegiance to God, before taking office. This would ensure that only those who are willing to obey God could get into positions of political power. This approach is only practical where the majority of people are Christian and want to serve God.

Most political leaders are required to declare an oath when they enter office. In the United States, political leaders swear that they will defend the constitution. In New Zealand, politicians declare an oath of allegiance to the Queen. The Israelites swore an oath that they would serve God and obey his laws (Deut 27,28).

Oaths are important aspect of God’s covenant. Our response to God’s covenant offer is agreement to serve him and accept the consequence of any disobedience. An oath of allegiance to God is not just a declaration that we will serve God. It speaks of acceptance of his blessings and a willingness to accept the consequences of disobedience. An oath calls down God’s positive and negative sanctions.

Oaths of allegiance to the people, a constitution or a sovereign are unbiblical, as only God cannot demand our total allegiance. They should be replaced by an oath of allegiance to God. A nation that adopts this practice is declaring that it will only be ruled by men and women who have chosen to serve God and live under his covenant.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Monopoly Justice

The police recently told a dairy owner they did not have the resources to investigate a theft that he had reported. He gave the police a video of the crime and the name of the thief, but they refused to act. In another case, the police refused to investigate a theft from a car yard.

God has given the power of the sword to the state: defence and justice are its only responsibility. The modern state has rebelled against God's will. It has demands a monopoly over justice, but then refuses to provide justice to its citizens. Taxpayer money is spent on a variety of causes to buy popularity, but justice is neglected. We hear of many situations, where the police refuse to investigate a theft, because the amount stolen is too small. Monopoly Justice is not true justice.

Friday, April 01, 2005


A squad of soldiers sent into battle does not meander around like Brown's cows. They stay close together, and position themselves strategically, so they can provide protection for each other. When they enter the enemies territory they are especially careful. The leader does not advance, unless he is fully covered by the the rest of the squad. When they rest, one of the soldiers always takes watch.

When I hear that a Christian leader has fallen into sin, I am saddened. I cannot help wondering if he was standing out in front of the battle with no one covering him. Those who stand against evil in the world are really vulnerable. They need strong Christians standing beside them, to provide protection from the enemy's spiritual counter attacks.