Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wrong Again

Earlier this month, CNN and Fox marked forty years since the Six Day War in Israel. They carried extensive analysis of the war and its impact. The thing that was not mentioned is that forty years have passed and Jesus has not returned.

When I became a Christian in the early seventies, the bible prophecy buffs were saying that Jesus would return within a generation of the nation of Israel being established in 1948. At first they said that a generation was 25 years, but when 1973 came and went, they changed a generation to 40 years. Then 1984 (George Orwell) and 1988 (1948+40) passed without a blink, so they changed their story. The timetable starts in 1967, when Israel took control of the Jerusalem and the temple mount. However, 1992 (1967+25) went by and nothing happened, so they bought out the forty year generation once again. Now forty years (a so-called generation) has passed since 1967 and Jesus has still not returned.

In between all this, the biblical prophecy buffs claimed that the Y2K would bring terrible disasters, but they were wrong again.

I believe that it is time that these guys admitted that they have lost the plot. Actually, they never had the plot. They have been wrong so many times that they are fully discredited. Yet Christian all over the world read their books and listen to their television programs.

These boys have been wrong again and again, yet they still go on television and speak the lie. We must be a very gullible people to listen to them.

Maybe it is time for some wisdom.