Saturday, June 11, 2005

State Salvation

The government has gradually taken responsibility for more and more aspects of life.

  1. Education
  2. Healthcare
  3. Roads and Highways
  4. Poverty
  5. Crime
  6. Defence.

In most of these spheres into which the civil government has expanded, the gospel can do better.

  1. The state is hopeless at education, turning out mediocrity and failure. God has given parents responsibility for educating their children. (Deut 6:6,7). They can delegate that responsibility to a school with teachers who are called, but if they pay for it they will value quality education.
  2. The state health system is trying to turn back the curse of sin; and that it is an impossible task. When it gets rid of one sickness or disease, another that is worse pops up in its place. The only truly effective solution to sickness is the cross of Jesus. The key is the gift of healing.
  3. Most city streets are built by property developers as they open up new subdivisions. They are well built, but the maintenance done by city councils is not so well done. Highways can be built for by private companies and paid for by tolls. Private companies have to build the roads that will be used before they can can collect any tolls. The government collects the money before it builds any road. Paying for something before it is delivered is not a good practice.
  4. The state cannot resolve poverty, because it creates dependence. Despite 70 years of increasing taxation and hundreds of new programmes during a time of unprecedented economic growth, the state has failed to solve poverty. Deacons, poor loans, gleaning, sharing and discipleship are the best way to deal with short term poverty. The gospel is the best solution to poverty.
  5. The state is responsible for justice, but it is not really interested in solving crime. Despite enormous advances in technology, crime is now worse than it was fifty years ago. The police often refuse to investigate crimes they consider to be insignificant. However, they are always significant to the victims.
  6. The state is responsible for defence, but is not seriously interested in defence either. There are very few votes to be obtained from better armed forces. The state only defends those who support it. Many innocent people are being harassed by the state.

In each area where the state has expanded power, it is not performing well. It provides only very average salvation. The gospel can do better in most areas of life where it is challenged by the state.

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