Thursday, September 08, 2005

Heart of the Nation

The free-enterprise capitalist system is very effective at producing the things that people want. To be successful, businesses have to produce things that people are willing to buy. Many businesses fail because no one is willing to pay for the things that they are producing. This means that the national economy is a reflection of the national heart.

If you are look at the modern economy, you will see rampant consumerism. This reflects a society seeking satisfaction in an “abundance of material possessions”. You will see an economy where savings are almost zero. This reflects a society where people have chosen to eat, drink and be merry, because they have no faith in the future.

Many people want to change the capitalist system to improve society. This is misguided, as the only way to change the system is to change people’s hearts.

Under the Communist system, people can only purchase the goods and services that the Party decide they should have. To see the nation’s heart, you have to look at the queues, smuggling and the black market, because that is the only way that people can get what they want.

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