Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rules and Regulations (9)

The problem with a system of rules is that they cannot cover every possible situation. More and more rules have to be added, as new exceptions arise. Eventually there are so many rules, that people can no longer understand them. Some of the rules will contradict each other, adding to the confusion. And no matter how much detail is added to the rules, a new situation always arise that is an exception to the rules.

Elected politicians and parliaments always want to implement rule systems. They attempt to legislate for all of life by passing laws that cover every conceivable situation. Unfortnately, they are not omniscient, so they always get it wrong. Their laws often produce confusion and result in illogical and unjust decisions. New situations always emerge that are not covered by their laws, so new clauses or regulations have to be added. Eventually the rule system becomes so complicated that you need a law degree to understand it.

God's law is simple.


Unknown said...

Hi Ron

Three things of note:

1) your posts are being posted earlier and earlier each morning. I am concerned that you are becoming an obsessive blogger.

2) I see your most recent post is dated Tuesday 27 September! Today is only Sunday the 25th of September. This must mean you are getting up *really* early!

3) Finally, only people who understand the power of responsible ‘self government’ can really be free. If we fail to be our own ‘policeman’ in respect to our behaviour, then we will need a policeman on every street corner to maintain the rule of law. Eventually lawless societies either collapse under the economic cost of their lawlessness, or the tyranny of oppressive governments that are required to maintain a semblance of order.

There is another possible outcome however. The church at prayer may initiate a spiritual awakening that brings transformation to the hearts and minds of this generation, and we begin once again to exercise ‘self government’ and embrace a Biblical understanding of justice.


Ron McK said...

Self government is important, but it is not enough. If your car gets stolen, will you be happy to rely on the thiefs self discpline to return the car? Or will you wait till he is converted and repents? I suspect that you will want someone to find the car and return it to you. The purpose of these articles is to explain how that should happen.