Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Working for Families or Michael?

Our government has just expanded their Working for Families package. Now large families with income over $100,000 can get a social welfare benefit.

Most of the debate about this new package focuses on economic efficiency. However the really important issue is the moral one. Does Michael (the finance minister) have the right too take income from some people and give it those with children. He certainly has the power, but is this morally right.

If I take money from another person without their permission, I am guilty of theft, even if I give the money to peope with children. If I force people to give me money, I am guilty of robbery, even if I give the money to people with children.

So why are these actions not theft, when Michael does is the one doing them. It is one thing to say that rich people should be generous to the poor. Jesus believed that.

It is very different to take money from people by force and give it to the poor. This is something Jesus never did.

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Brendan said...

Hi Ron

The only challenge left for this socialist Labour government is to work out how to bring the remaining 1,500 or so people who are not currently recieving a state funded benefit into social welfare dependency.

Once we are all feeding happily at the states trough we will truly share a common faith, and be united together in the utopian socialist vision.

Then anything will be possible for us.