Saturday, March 10, 2007

Do we Need the Government? (6) - Protection from Poverty

Some people believer that we need the government to care for us if we fall into poverty. Actually various options are available for people who are afraid of poverty.

  • Insurance allows people to share the risk of irregular invents
  • Insurance allows people choose the level of risks that they want protection from.
  • Families should provide for those in poverty.
  • Deacons in the church will often help those who are poor.
  • Belonging to a caring community is a good option.
  • Someone might feel sorry for you.

Government have put enormous resource into caring for the poor. Their efforts have tended to increase the amount of poverty in the world, so I doubt that they are a viable solution. They also take a large share of income to do something fairly ineffective, so I am not certain that this is a good reason for government.

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