Friday, March 23, 2007

Love Leviticus? (5) - Protection from Evil Spirits

The provisions of Leviticus seem quite harsh. The reason is that Israel need protection from the hostile environment in which they were living. Jesus had not yet died for their sins, so they had no spiritual protection from demonic attacks. The Holy Spirit had not transformed their lives, so they had no ability to cast our evil spirits. When King Saul was attacked by a spirit there was no cure. He was calmed by David’s singing, but he could never escape the torment (1 Sam 16:14-23).

Entering the Promised Land was very risky for people without spiritual protection. The wickedness of the Canaanites has increased enormously, filling the land with evil spirits. Caanan had become the haunt of every foul spirit you could think of. Their only protection from evil spirits was to keep separate from people who carried them. Purging all evil people from the land was the safest way to get rid of the demonic powers had brought in.

God required Israel to kill all the inhabitants of the land they were entering, because allowing the Canaanites to live among them would mean allowing these evil spirits to continue their activity. By purging the inhabitants of Canaan, they could get rid of most the demonic activity that dominated the region.


Steve Scott said...

This is an interesting take, one which I haven't heard before. During Christ's temptation by the devil, he offered Him all the kingdoms of the world. Christ didn't deny that he had authority. I think that he gained this authority when Adam sold his delegated authority of dominion over all the earth in the garden to the devil and his angels as a finder's fee for the knowledge of good and evil. So then, demons exercised authority over the land of Canaan? Hmmm. I'll have to develop this out over the next couple of years.

Ron McK said...

I think that you are right Steve. I have expanded on this in an article called the Great Commission. This is very important for understanding the Kingdom of God.