Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Climate Change (20) - Wasted Opportunity

When Christian historians look back on the sixty years following the end of the second World War, they will see that time as a wasted opportunity for the Kingdom of God. They will see a time of relative peace when travel round the world was never easier. The power of communications was immense. Christians had more vastly more wealth than at any time in history. I suspect that historians will look back and see this as an opportunity that was frittered away by Christians. The greatest opportunity that has ever existed for the advance of the kingdom of God became a time when the gospel slipped backwards.

The sad thing is that these wonderful conditions for spreading of the gospel and expanding of the Kingdom of God are coming to an end. The properity will disappear. The freedom to travel will be gone. Many forms of communication will be come more difficult. A long time will pass before we have such a good time again.

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