Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Climate Change (6) - Angels and Trumpets

The seven angels are holding trumpets.

For the world, trumpets are a warning of judgment. Amos said that the trumpet would sound when disaster was coming (Amos 3:6). The angels will sound the trumpet when evil has increased upon the earth. This disobedience leads to disasters and troubles. As the trumpets are sounded judgement is released on the earth. Prophetic warnings turn disasters into judgments. (I am not aware of any modern prophet prophesying global warning).

For God’s people, trumpets are a call to action. During the Exodus, Moses used two silver trumpets to call the community together and when the camp marched out. After the Exodus, trumpets were used to call God’s people to action (Num 10:8,9). The trumpets of the seven angels are not a signal of trouble for God’s people, but a call for us to rise up and do his will.

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