Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Blogging (1)

A reader asked for some advice on successful blogging.

I am probably the wrong person to ask, as I am not very successful. According to Technorati, there are more than a million blogs that are more popular than mine. That is not surprising, because my interests are very narrow. There are not many people in this world, who hate democracy, love God’s law and enjoy economics.

I am serious about writing, but I only dabble in blogging. My best writing is at Kingdom Watcher. I keep my blog going because it makes Google feel good about that site.

I mainly use my blog as a place to store writing material. I have always had lots of little pieces of paper with new ideas written on them. Many just pop into my head as I am going to sleep or cycling to work. I have always written these down, so they do not get lost. Now I put them into my blog. Google provides free storage and good filing system. My thoughts are all neatly labeled, so they are easy to find when I want them again (much easier than scratching in a heap of paper).

Thanks Google.

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